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Activated Charcoal, Lemon & Water

This perfect purse companion is our go to for whenever we have overindulged in a bit of fatty foods or had 1 drink too many. We buy organic food grade activated charcoal made from coconut shells to help soak up any excess we have come across.

Pro Tip: Mix 1 tbsp of the Activated Charcoal Time Capsule with 3/4 tbsp french green clay and 1 tsp spirulina for a detoxifying and brightening mask. Apply a thin layer with fingers or a brush and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and a wash cloth for a fresh glow and cleared pores. 

Bonus Points: Drink 6 of these in one day while on a juice cleanse and give your colon some love.

absorbs toxins


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