Time Machine Juice local Chicago juice company offering delivery on 1 day juice cleanses, 2 day juice cleanses and 3 day juice cleanses and detoxes.



Why Cleanse?

A few of the many health benefits cleansing provides are:

  • Energize and invigorate the body.

  • Improve healthy and not-so-healthy habits.

  • Improve sleep quality.

  • Aid healthy digestion.

  • Promote a stabilized metabolism.

  • Center on balance and restoration.

  • Rehydrate skin for a natural glow.


What is cold-pressed juice?

To make cold-pressed juice, we take fresh ingredients and apply a massive amount of force, extracting every last bit of fruit and vegetable goodness. What’s left is a pure, completely raw final product. Centrifugal juicers (common at many juice bars and home kitchens), on the other hand, use high-speed blades that literally cook away precious nutrients as they extract juice. Pound for pound, sip for sip, cold-pressed is simply the highest-quality and most nutritious juice out there. 


Is it organic?

The vast majority of the produce we use is certified organic. However, given the sheer quantity required for a single bottle of juice and the occasional scarcity of certain ingredients, we cannot always guarantee a 100% organic product. What we can guarantee is that each Time Machine Juice is made from the finest produce available.


How many calories are in each juice?

From 120-340 per bottle. Now you may be thinking, “that’s a lot of my daily calories!” Although that may technically be true, it’s hardly the whole story. The value of one calorie vs. another—say, fresh produce vs. processed snacks—can vary wildly. So instead of thinking only in terms of quantity, we encourage you to consider quality. And cold-pressed juice calories are some of the highest-quality, hardest-working you can get.


What kinds of benefits do you gain from green juice vs. fruit juice?

In addition to containing a host of vitamins and minerals, green juice also contains powerful alkalizing agents that help our bodies maintain a balanced pH level. Fruit juices offer a wide array of nutrients, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.


Why is this so expensive?

Remember those high-quality, hard-working calories we talked about? Well, that kind of nutrient density requires pounds upon pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables, which must be enjoyed as soon as possible after pressing for optimal nutritional benefits. So when you consider the quality/quantity of ingredients, meticulous labor, and rush delivery, it begins to look more and more like a bargain.


Where do you get your produce?

We source from local purveyors and have a strong preference for seasonal, organic produce.




Can I do a cleanse if I’m pregnant or nursing?

You certainly can, provided you drink the juices in addition to a regular, healthy diet. Remember, you’re eating for two! You can still use the cleanse to flush out toxins, just be sure to eat to ensure your body and your baby receive the necessary nourishment.


Does doing a cleanse slow metabolism?

This will vary from person to person. For people with naturally high metabolisms, taking in less energy may very well cause yours to slow somewhat during the cleanse. For those with slower metabolisms, however, drawing out those toxins can increase the efficiency with which your body functions, causing a steady increase in metabolic rate.


Can I do a cleanse if I have diabetes?

Because of the natural sugar content in fruit juice (and to a lesser extent, green vegetable juice), we do not typically recommend these cleanses for diabetics. Please consult your physician before participating in a cleanse.


Where do I get protein?

Since you won’t be consuming animal products during your cleanse, you may be wondering, “where will I get my protein?” We’re glad you asked! The produce in each juice is jam-packed with amino acids, the units that combine to form proteins. If you’re still not convinced, choose a cleanse that includes nut milk for an extra protein boost.


Can I do a cleanse if I’m taking antibiotics?

Yes, indeed. Remember, in addition to killing off the bad bacteria, antibiotics can also destroy helpful bacteria. Nutrient-dense juice is just the thing to maintain a strong immune system and probiotic health.


Should I take a fiber supplement while on a cleanse?

One purpose of a cleanse is to give our digestive tracts a much-needed break. So even though fiber is great for clearing out our system, when you are on a cleanse we recommend saving the energy it takes to break down that solid food to let the body focus completely on detoxifying cleansing itself.


Should I continue to take vitamin B12 or other daily multivitamins while on a cleanse?

Because you’ll be consuming several dozen pounds of fresh produce each day, you won’t have much need for multivitamins. We recommend staying away from supplements during your cleanse.


Can I do a cleanse if I’m gluten free? What if I’m lactose intolerant?

No problem! All Time Machine juices are 100% gluten free and free of animal products.


I have a serious allergy to one of the ingredients. Is there any sort of replacement?

We are happy to accommodate your allergies as best we can by suggesting a replacement. However, please be advised that all juices are pressed and bottled in the same facility.


I’m prescribed blood thinners. Can I still do the cleanse?

Most likely, no. Diets rich in vitamin K (which is prominent in leafy greens) can lessen the effectiveness of blood thinners, so be sure to talk to your doctor before starting a cleanse.


I was recently diagnosed with Candida and need to avoid sugar. Can I still do a cleanse?

You can, provided you select a cleanse with minimal fruit juice. Try the Future Cleanse, which contains virtually no fruit juice and thus, virtually no sugar.


I really can’t eat anything? Will this cleanse be enough calories to meet my daily needs?

Each option is designed with the perfect amount of calories to sustain you through your cleanse. Energy typically used for digestion can now be used elsewhere, giving you a boost in other areas.


Can I eat and do a cleanse?

As mentioned before, juice cleanses can be beneficial in large part because of the break they provide our digestive systems. Continuing to eat solid food during the cleansing process will prevent our bodies from resting in the same way. You can certainly still supplement your regular diet with Time Machine juice to aid digestion and add vitamins and minerals to your diet, but do not expect the same transformative effects of a cleanse.



Does the cleanse come with instructions? Do I need anything specifically to prepare my body for a cleanse (like a colonic)?

We wouldn’t ask you to go through this alone! You’ll be receiving an email from us prior to your cleanse, as well as a list of step by step instructions with the delivery of your juices. We simply recommend that you ease into the process, starting a few days before your cleanse. If you load up on on alcohol, sugar, and greasy fast food immediately before your cleanse it may be much more difficult on your system. Do yourself a favor and begin to cut out the bad stuff several days before. You’ll be glad you did!


Can I have seltzer or sparkling water while on a cleanse? What about tea?

We don’t recommend drinking seltzer, as it will add gas to your system. Try a green or herbal tea instead, and avoid additional sweeteners (many fruit-flavored herbal teas are naturally sweet and would be a good choice of beverage!). If you absolutely must sweeten, agave nectar is the best option as it is an all-natural product that is already found in our juices, so it won’t cause a huge leap in blood sugar level.


How long will my juice last?

Because Time Machine Juice is raw and unpasteurized, it is best if consumed within 3-5 days.


Is it that important to drink the juices in the order the instructions state?

The juices are not numbered, so the order is not set in stone. We recommend starting each day with the most nutrient-dense green juice. With nothing in your stomach, your body will be able to make use of every last bit of the vitamins within. When you’re feeling especially hungry, try one of your protein-packed nut milks. Remember, everyone’s experience will be different and it’s important to listen to your body!


What’s the best way to store my juice?

Remove the bottles from the delivery packaging and store them in the fridge.


Can I exercise while on a cleanse?

You can and you may even feel compelled to! All that energy you’re saving by not digesting solid food can a spring to your step, so feel free to get out there and exercise. Just remember to listen to your body, drink lots of water and rest or take a nap if needed. It’s perfectly normal to feel tired during your cleanse, but know that fewer calories doesn’t necessarily mean less energy to burn.


Why doesn’t Time Machine use High Pressure Processing?

While some others use called HPP to lengthen shelf life, such processes decrease nutritional value. We want our juice to be totally fresh, alive, and unadulterated.


My bathroom schedule is extremely irregular. Is that normal?

Yes, this is no reason for concern. You’re putting far less in, so it’s naturally that you’d be getting less out. On the flipside, it’s also common for cleanses to clear out your system, causing you to use the bathroom more frequently. It all depends on your natural baseline.


What are some symptoms of the detox my body will experience? Do they happen to everyone?

Detox is the process of purging the body of toxins and other bad stuff inside our bodies. This process can rear its head in a number of ways. Drawing out all the caffeine from the coffee you drink, for example, can result in nervousness and headaches. Expelling meats, proteins, and fats can result in skin eruptions or foul body odor. Of course, factors like diet and body composition will vary with each person, making some people more or less likely to experience symptoms than others. Every cleanse experience—like every body—is unique.


I need to chew on something while on a cleanse. Is gum off limits?

We do not recommend chewing gum. In addition to adding gas, chewing gum can confuse your digestive system into thinking that food is on the way. This stimulates acids in your stomach even though no food is coming. Instead, try “chewing” the juice as you slowly sip it, as funny as that may sound. This will release enzymes that aid digestion and keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day.


What can I eat once my cleanse is finished?

Ease out of your cleanse similar to the way you eased into it, starting with vegetable-based, easy-to-digest foods like soups or stews.


What if I have a question that wasn’t answered?

Send us an email at drink@timemachinejuice.com with anything we may have missed. We want to be there with you every step of the way.


How can I order another cleanse?

Place your order online at timemachinejuice.com.


about our ingredients


Why do you use green apple specifically?

We use green apples because they have far less sugar than red apples.


Turmeric seems to be very trendy lately. What does it actually do?

Turmeric is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents on earth, which helps to reduce the inflammation that can lead to a long list of maladies and diseases.


Coconut water is something I see celebrities walking around with. Are there any real benefits?

Yes, indeed! Coconut water is ultra hydrating and a great source of electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.


Can I have coffee?

We recommend that you avoid it, but if you really need caffeine, try something natural like yerba mate or green tea.


What about alcohol?

Nope, sorry! Try your best to lay off the booze during your cleanse.