Time Machine Juice Chicago juice delivery of 1 day juice cleanses, 3 day juice cleanses.

Because Time Machine Juice is raw, unpasteurized and does not undergo high pressure processing, consumption may expose you to harmful bacteria and put you at risk of illness. It's the same risk you take when you consume raw produce from the supermarket, in restaurants or from your home garden.

Our kitchen is not a nut-free facility. Although we use extreme caution to keep our nut milks separate from nut-free products, we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination has not occurred. Please avoid all Time Machine Juice products if you have a severe nut allergy.

Do not attempt a juice cleanse if you are currently taking prescription medication, as the cleansing process may amplify its effects. Those with serious illnesses should seek medical counsel before beginning a cleanse. Women who are nursing or pregnant should not participate.